Round vs Elongated Toilets: Which One Fits You Better?

When it comes to choosing the right toilet for your bathroom, the decision isn’t just about color or brand. The shape of the toilet bowl – round or elongated – plays a significant role in comfort, space utilization, and overall aesthetics. In this article, we delve into the ‘Round vs Elongated Toilets’ debate, breaking down the pros and cons of each to help you make an informed decision. So, whether you’re renovating your bathroom or simply replacing an old toilet, read on to find out which toilet shape fits you better.

Appearance in Round vs Elongated Toilets

The toilet bowl is a very important part of the design, as it determines how well you feel when sitting on your throne. The shape can make or break what kind experience one has with plumbing fixtures such as these! For example some people prefer their seats to be round while others like elongated bowls better because they look more stylish – but either way both styles come in many different shapes and sizes so no matter which style suits you best there will always something perfect for any bathroom.

The round-front toilet bowl is an old classic. It’s the perfect shape for a modern bathroom with its simple, sleek lines that extend less into your room than other styles of toilets do—so you can have more space to move around in!

When it comes to the toilet bowl, there’s something about an elongated shape that makes people think of contemporary bathrooms. This may semi active because as our homes get larger and newer looking over time they’re replacing their old Round bowls with these more modern styles which look great in any space!

Ease of Use

The elongated toilet can be a great option for those who have mobility issues or just enjoy sitting on the wrong side of things. It has more space, making it easier to sit down with less mess than its shorter counterpart! The round bowl shape may also fit better in some cases as well- though this would largely depend upon personal preference when choosing between these two styles.

round vs elongated toilets


There are many different types of toilets, but the measurements for each one should be according to their manufacturer. The elongated bowl will have a length that is 2-inches longer than round bowls; there’s also an in between size if you’re looking at both ends!

The toilet needs at least 21-inches in front of it to pass most building codes. Some towns and municipalities may require more room, while ADA compliant bathrooms need 48. For small bathroom spaces that are 2 inches shy on space – like an apartment balcony or basement tucked away from accessible routes–round bowls could mean passing these accessibility requirements with ease!

Installation of Round vs Elongated Toilets

Installing an elongated front toilet is very similar to installing a round one. First, you need the bowl and tank coupled together with wax rings set around both pipes so they can drain properly after installation. Next twist in place until it’s secure before applying pressure all along its length by tightening bolts or screws as necessary- usually there isn’t much tension since these types of fixtures don’t have wings like others do but just rely on gravity for holding them down once installed!


Round vs Elongated Toilets options are endless. There’s a two-piece toilet, which has the tank attach on top of your bowl and can be more affordable than some one piece models with integral bathrooms or wall mounted toilets that add drama into any bathroom design but may also cost you in terms of installation since it requires an thicker walls for these fixtures – not only does this take up space inside (which could potentially mean higher renting costs), but if something did happen then all hope would seem lost because there’s likely need reopening said wall too.

round vs elongated toilets


Round vs Elongated Toilets the difference in price between a round-front and elongated front toilet is quite significant. For example, the same style of two piece 1.28 gallons flush toilets can vary depending on manufacturer from around $180 for classic styling to upwards if 230 dollars just because they have an extended part that goes towards your water flow.

Installing either a standard or elongated toilet costs between $45 and 130, depending on the condition of your pipes. You can expect to pay around 225-360 dollars for one with round fronts while it will run anywhere from 160-$365 if you opt out that style.

There are two versions of toilets: ones with a higher-end and lower priced model. The differences between the models lie in their usage rates, so if you need to keep track on how much water each type uses for daily use then this will be important information when choosing which one works best with your household’s needs.


Elongated toilets can be easier to clean than round-front bowls. The shape of some brands’ elongated designs have less crevices around the underside, which makes it harder for dirt or germs from getting into your home plumbing system when brushes are used during cleaning sessions; however this also means that you’ll need a different type/size brush depending on what kind (or size) front interior bowl design is being utilized – so make sure there’s always an extra ready.

round vs elongated toilets


There are a number of factors to consider when shopping for the perfect toilet. You’ll want one that’s not just comfortable but also meets your needs as an individual, such as whether or not you’re vertically challenged and need taller fixtures in order avoid strain on muscles while sitting down (or standing up). For people with disabilities who can’t get around easily because their dimensions make them dependent upon wheelchair accessible bathrooms – this was made specifically into consideration by designers!

Power of Flush

Round vs Elongated Toilets are one of those things that we take for granted until they don’t work. A great toilet can make your day better, but finding the perfect fit is tricky business! The key thing to look out when choosing which type will be best suited? Efficient flushing power and looks – you want something beautiful without all those pesky germs around too much (and no one wants an ugly potty).

The low-flow toilet has been a thing for years now, but it’s had some problems. In an effort to conserve resources and reduce water usage in general (since we’re running low on supplies), Congress mandated that all new manufacturing toilets must use 1 gallon per flush by 1994 or they’ll be penalized with fines up through 3 million dollars! Unfortunately these first generation models couldn’t make this cut.

But, as with any product – some toilets work better than others. To find a toilet that has effective flushing technology visit your local showroom and talk with one of their sales staff who will be able to help you find what’s right for not just now but into the future too!

Installing dual-flush toilets in your home can save you money and water. These units typically feature a split plunger style flush mechanism on top of the tank, which releases .08 gallons when pushed down with one button or double press Both buttons are needed for 1 6th gallon flow–saving families over $2k!

Does an elongated toilet take up more space?

Elongated toilets are a more modern alternative to the traditional round bowl. They offer an interesting design with their elongating shape and they take up less space in your bathroom because of it!


Choosing between round and elongated toilets is more than just a matter of personal preference. It’s about understanding your space constraints, comfort needs, and design aesthetics. While some may find the compact size of round toilets perfect for their small bathrooms, others might appreciate the extra comfort and modern look of elongated toilets. The key is to consider all aspects – from installation and cost to maintenance and flushing power. We hope this ‘Round vs Elongated Toilets’ guide has provided you with the insights you need to make the best choice for your home. Remember, the right toilet can enhance your bathroom experience significantly, so choose wisely

round vs elongated toilets

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