Lunderg Early Alert Bed Alarm System Review

The Lunderg Early Alert Bed Alarm with a call button is a bed alarm system that emits an audible sound to summon help. It’s a bed alarm system that alerts one or more caregivers when the senior gets out of bed. A bed alarm with a call button can be beneficial for those who have trouble getting out of bed, seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s, those recovering from surgery or illness, those at risk from falling or obesity, those who want to remain in bed during an illness, the disabled and older people with sleeping problems.

The Lunderg bed alarm has a sensor pad placed between the mattress and box spring under a fitted sheet. The thin wire is then run underneath the pad and secured using the Velcro ties. The bed alarm system is equipped with a bed sensor placed under your bed sheet, mattress pad, or bedspread. The wire will detect this movement and trigger an audible sound to alert caregivers if the senior gets out of bed.

lundgren bed alarm

Lunderg Early Alert Bed Alarm Review Specs

Dimensions:10 x 33 inches
Weight:About a 2 LBS.
Price:$$$ (Check the latest price)
My Rating: 9.5/10

An Overview of Lunderg Early Alert Bed Alarm

When it comes to peace of mind, the Lunderg Bed Alarm is unparalleled. Designed with an early warning function that prevents life-threatening emergencies in case anything goes wrong or there’s trouble during your sleep cycle – you’ll always have a safety net!

The alarm also provides 3 unique security features not found on any other product like itself; redundancy (latching) compliance standards set by USA regulations for nurse call systems, so no matter what happens tomorrow morning, hopefully, these alarms will do their job just fine… And Sensor Low Battery Indication light displays individually via color-coded LED indicator pattern corresponding.

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I am thoroughly impressed with the Lunderg Early Alert Bed Alarm System! Not only is it a wireless bed sensor pad and pager system, but it also has per-alert technology. This means that if my loved one falls or gets out of bed, I will be notified BEFORE they hit the ground.

The pager is small and discreet, so it can be worn on a belt or around the neck, which gives me peace of mind. Plus, the installation was a breeze! If you are looking for a practical bed alarm system for elderly monitoring, I would highly recommend giving the Lunderg Early Alert Bed Alarm System a try. Please keep reading for features and learn more about this product and see all of its unique features.

1. Feature One

With Absolute Peace of Mind, you’ll be alerted before your loved one gets up from bed! Our wireless alarm sensor pad and pager are designed to notify parents so they can rest easily. You won’t have any more worries about whether or not it’s time for them to get back into their room – this lifesaving device will make sure that happens automatically if anything was ever happening while sleeping alone at night feature one.

2. Feature Two

The Early Alert is the only bed alarm system that notifies you before your loved one stands up. With our patented sensor pad, we’ve improved reliability and reduced false alarms caused by shifting or repositioning. Hence, it’s easier than ever to get a response from them when they need help!

3. Feature Three

The Lightweight Pager device is small enough to fit into your pocket and comes with an adjustable clip. You can even use it as a sleep tracker! The caregiver will be able to adjust the volume from high-vibration or low depending on what you need during different times of day, evening mode for those who want more peace at night without any distractions–or call out loud if there’s trouble to make sure everyone gets woke up promptly just like they should be 🙂

About the Lunderg Early Alert Bed Alarm Brand

The Early-Alert Alarm System not only detects when someone stands up from their bed but also lets you know before they’re out! This sensor’s patented technology reduces false alarms due to shifting and repositioning. You can control the volume settings or set it for vibration, too. So no surprises are coming through this monitor at night time if your loved one has gotten up earlier than expected while everyone else is sleeping soundly…

Lunderg Early Alert Bed Alarm

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  • Great for elderly
  • Sensitive design
  • Easy to set-up
  • Loud Alarm sound

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Pros and Cons of the Lunderg Early Alert Bed Alarm

Below are a few Real Pro’s and Con’s about the Lunderg Early Alert Bed Alarm


  • Best of All Bed Alarms The bed alarms I work with are amazing. They’re so smart and always get an early alert when it’s time to wake someone up from their nap! It means we can be there before they try stand up, making sure everything goes smoothly for them in the morning I have been using different types of caregiver devices (primarily Smart Care) over 5 years now but this new technology is by far my favorite – The Lunderg Early Alert Bed Alarm is far the best I have used . It gives us peace-of mind knowing that if anything happens while you’re sleeping or resting during any part on its 24 hour cycle then your loved
  • Great for The Elderly. We have an 80-year-old mom who is a fall risk. As such, we need physical support whenever she leaves her bed to make sure that she doesn’t accidentally slip off the edge and hurt herself or others in her sleep- thus why before using this LUNDERG Bed Alarm System would see camera images of our loved one trying wiggle towards leaving their mattress only for us alert by getting notified ahead via sound waves which prevents any accidents from happening
  • Amazing For Dementia Patient I am a caregiver for my dad who has dementia. He gets up at night and starts walking around, which can be scary because I don’t always catch him before he leaves the room! The alarm on this bed is perfect – it’s reliable as well as easy to install with batteries included (a big plus). You just have to set your settings once then they are saved forever in case you ever need them again; there isn’t any complicated software or anything like that involved so even those tech-savvy people will find this product very user friendly!!


  • Too Sensitive We have an elderly lady in her nineties who is now predominantly bedridden. She only weighs 80 pounds, and whenever she moved even slightly, the alarm system would go off for us, so we are not using it anymore – instead, I just put a baby monitor by her side which doesn’t stop them from rolling over onto their backside but does give me time to come check before she starts wandering around for another alternative.
  • Item Didn’t Work I was going to use this item, so I knew when my mother got out of bed to use the washroom in the middle of the night. I wanted to be there to assist her, but this item did not work, and I followed all of the instructions. Very disappointed in this product!
  • Hard to understand Instructions This product came with three sets of instructions, all different. When I finally figured out how to make it work, when we used it, the alarm went off when the patient was sleeping soundly and was still on the pad. Of course, the patient was awakened. Interrupted sleep is not helpful to this patient’s condition.

Do bed alarms prevent falls?

Bed alarms as part of a comprehensive fall prevention plan reduce falls. Alarms alone do not reduce fall rates. The use of infrared beam detectors along with alarms can promote the timely activation of the alarm.

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Conclusion / Final Verdict

The Lunderg Early Alert Bed Alarm is a simple yet highly effective way to monitor the elderly and ensure they are safe while sleeping. The alarm will sound if the person gets out of bed, ensuring they don’t wander off in the middle of the night. The warning is also adjustable to be tailored to each individual’s needs. Plus, it’s easy to set up and use! This is the one I use for my dad and it works fantastic I highly recommend this product.

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