The 5 Best Countertop Microwaves (Reviews & Buying Guide For 2021)

Choosing a microwave oven with simple controls with dials and knobs isn’t easy in today’s hi-tech world. Big deluxe microwaves with lots of buttons and plenty of bells and whistles can be confusing when all you want is a great meal or reheat leftovers. Here are the 5 best countertop microwaves for best cooking performance.

That is why finding the best and most uncomplicated and simple to use microwave ovens are a great help to the elderly and seniors. In addition, microwaves are safer than conventional stoves for seniors and disabled people, especially those who live alone. But what are the best Microwaves for the Disabled, Elderly, and Seniors to use? Below are my 5 best picks for Microwaves for easy cooking lets take a look.

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Commercial Chef Countertop Small Microwave 

Best countertop microwaves - Commercial Chef Countertop Small Microwave 

Commercial Chef Countertop Small Microwave Specs

Material18-8 Steel
Size17.75 x 12.5 x 10.25 inches
Weight23.10 lbs
Our Rating9/10


  • Small compact design
  • 6 cooking levels
  • Easily cook, reheat or defrost
  • 9.5″ glass turntable


  • Not powerful to cook food fast
  • Too small for big food items

The dial controls are straightforward to use and especially good for senior citizens, people with vision impairments, or anyone who wants to keep it simple and is looking for an alternative to the electronic controls found on many of today’s small appliances. This Microwave has 600 watts of power that is on the low side of microwaves. If you need a more powerful microwave, read on!!

Panasonic Countertop Microwave

Best countertop microwaves - Panasonic Countertop Microwave

Panasonic Countertop Microwave Specs

MaterialStainless Steel
Weight35 Lbs
Size21 x 12 x 17
Our rating9/10


  • Very easy clean up
  • Easy to use
  • Easy Interface
  • Low Noise Level


  • My Not Heat Some Stuff
  • Buttons hard to press

Fast, Easy, Delicious Results Panasonic’s compact 1100 watt microwave is sleek and powerful, with Genius Sensor technology for efficient, even cooking, defrosting, and reheating. Save Time, Save Space Maximum interior cavity with a sleek, minimal exterior footprint. Fits neatly on any countertop. Quick 30 Second Button Perfect Popping 3 power level options Keep Warm Feature.

Panasonic microwave 1250W 

Best countertop microwaves - Panasonic microwave 1250W

Panasonic Microwave 1250W  Specs

Size1.6 cubic ft. Oven Capacity
Our rating8/10


  • 10 Power Levels
  • Keep Warm Feature
  • 16.5″ Glass Turntable
  • One-Touch Sensor Cook & Reheat


  • Slow shipping

The Panasonic is a 1.6 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave Oven that has 1,250 Watts cooking power. Its Inverter Technology delivers constant power that results in no more cold spots or rubbery food. With a blue LED spin dial and preset one-touch cooking controls, heating food becomes fast and simple. This microwave also features multilingual cooking instructions in bright LED, in English, Spanish or French.

COMFEE’ Retro Microwave

Best countertop microwaves - COMFEE' Retro Microwave

COMFEE’ Retro Microwave Specs

MaterialStainless Steel
Capacity0.9 Cubic Feet
Item Dimensions19.09 x 15.41 x 11.51 inches
Our Rating8/10


  • Easy to clean
  • Great for small spaces
  • Easy to use
  • Beautiful Color


  • Low Watts
  • Hard to Clean

You can now prepare a full meal with just one microwave! This microwave oven comes in a compact size but can accommodate most common dishes, such as a 10-inch pizza. Cooking can now be intuitively customized. Just press the function button and rotate the selector to choose desired time and power. You can now prepare a full meal with just one microwave.

Breville the Smooth Wave countertop microwave oven

Best countertop microwaves - Breville the Smooth Wave countertop microwave oven

Breville the Smooth Wave countertop microwave oven Specs

MaterialBrushed Stainless Steel
ColorBrushed Stainless Steel
Capacity1.2 Cubic Ft.
Item Dimensions19 x 20.43 x 12.44 inches
Our Rating8/10


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy user interface
  • For small spaces
  • Value for money


  • Door Problems
  • Slow Shipping

Powered with Sensor iQ technology, the Smooth Wave is designed to take the guesswork out of cooking by automatically adjusting power to precisely reheat & cook your favorite dishes and delicious treats with ease. The Smooth Wave with Power Smoothing Inverter, 15 smart presets, and LCD put all the power at your fingertips. Cook precisely, defrost evenly and reheat easily with one touch.


Each of these microwave ovens offers seniors and the elderly varying levels of ease and safety. Choose the best microwave for the senior in your life by evaluating their current abilities but don’t forget to consider their future needs too. Usually, though, microwaves with turn knobs and dial controls will be the simplest microwaves to use.

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